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So many years have passed since I purchased the original Red dead, i really wanted to play it but life as it often does got in the way and to be honest we were not really into this type of multiplayer at the time so although purchasing at the time for the Xbox and PC it did not get very much attention. 

Time passes and I find myself as with many over the last years with a little more downtime and thought ohh, I bought Red dead 2 on the PC and have not played it yet. I started on the single player some time ago and the story is excellent however really wanted to get into the online play but was worried about the grind, yes the early points are frustrating as much of the content doesn’t appear until you progress. 

Bounty hunter, the only thing i am missing is some form of badge rather than my bounty hunter hall pass.

After more than a few hours play, well days on and off, I have progressed to a level 21 bounty hunter and am loving this game, certainly its no historic documentary but its just fun, from hunting down story villains to progressing towards hunting players and an occasional treasure hunt it is keeping me occupied.

I need to say it was not an easy task to work out this game, it seems sometimes to go out of its way to hide function, e.g go online, join free roam, then press L to find your friends and if possible join a posy. 

However once mastered everything seems to work, there is the grind and pressing V helps a lot if you have a route set.

The millennial factor, lets be clear as with all games and yes I know its not just millennials some just want to create chaos, it can be frustrating when someone just decides to shoot you, however there is some good news, you do not lose your hard earnt gear and if your a member of a posy most soon get lost lmao. 

In summery if your prepared to work at it and be patient then the game rewards, no you do not need to buy gold just watch a few videos and work out how to progress, I am certainly going to be playing this on and off for years to come and am pleased I found the time and can recommend this game. 

As a final thought, omg some of the visuals are simply incredible.