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Publisher: Black Cat

The Blitz: 1940-1941 is a tactical-level, narrative-style solitaire wargame using a tables-based game engine simulating the German Luftwaffe nighttime bombing campaign against England during the early part of the second World War.

As the pilot of a Luftwaffe He 111 Heinkel bomber, your ultimate goal is to survive a 35-mission tour of duty. You and your crew will be assigned with taking part in nightly ‘terror’ area bombing raids against various English cities during 1940 and 1941 in an attempt to break the will of the British people. Guided by sophisticated radio beam navigation equipment, your bombardier will be able to locate the target city in pitch darkness, even in poor or bad weather. But it certainly won’t be a cake walk, as RAF night fighters will continuously be hunting your bomber stream, not to mention searchlights and deadly FLAK you will encounter over the target cities.

The game includes the following components:

– 1 Tables Book (22 pages)

– 4 Game Mats (A4 / 8.5 x 11)

– 60 5/8 inch counters, plus 3 1-inch counters

– 1 Bomber Damage Log Sheet

– 1 Crewmen Status Sheet

– 1 Campaign Log Sheet

– 1 Quick-Start Guide (2 pages)

– 1 Counter Guide (4 pages)

– 1 Game Components Preparation Instructions Sheet

– 4 Game Mat Setup Example Images

* Two D10 dice are required to play.

* 5 minute game setup and breakdown times.

* A medium size table is recommended for game setup.

* Total play time to complete a full 35-mission tour of duty takes approximately 10-15 hours, with a typical mission averaging 20 minutes.

* Adjustable starting difficulty based on player’s skill level.

* Alternate mats without the historical swastika flag are also included.

* Please visit the Blitz FaceBook group. As the designer, I am active there and can provide game support:

With most of the rules integrated into the tables, there is practically no learning curve or rules memorization. And with detailed damage modeling, fuel management, numerous crewmen skills, mission weather effects, random events, and a multitude of table modifiers, The Blitz: 1940-1941 offers memorable experiences and high replay value. Are you up to the challenge of suriving a 35-mission tour of duty?

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