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Publisher: Mariner Games


“Everything is a tactical tradeoff.”

StarForce Commander is a game of tactical starship combat. It uses streamlined and intuitive game mechanics so you can focus on tactical decision-making. You are NOT merely resolving the battle by doing bookkeeping and rolling dice. You have decisions to make, and your decisions matter. There are tactical tradeoffs for every choice. This is an accessible and fun game, whether you are a new cadet or a crusty old spacer. Optional rules let you tailor the complexity to your preferences.

“Welcome aboard, Captain!”

As the Captain, you decide where the ship’s emphasis is; weapons, shields, or maneuvering? You will manage individual ships by allocating energy, arming weapons, maintaining shields, using sensors, and deciding how to outmaneuver your opponent. It sounds like a lot, but most ships have 6-8 points of energy to distribute, so you won’t need an accounting staff! Your crew works out details.

Strike the right balance between weapons, maneuvering, shields, and sensors to gain an advantage on your enemy. Weapons require power and have firing arcs, so you must maneuver to hit the enemy where they are weak. Your ship has four shields protecting all sides, so maneuvering, repairing, and reinforcing weakened shields are vital to survival. Seven turn templates handle maneuvering for 20-60 degree turns depending on your ship’s speed and maneuverability.

Managing a ship is easy enough that with a bit of practice, you can promote yourself to commodore and command 3-4 ships, or even admiral if you want to fight a larger battle. We estimate a game probably takes about 45 minutes per ship on the board, though duels can finish more quickly.

StarForce Commander is a Print and Play game, but we do sell physical game components.

UNITS: Individual Starships

COMBAT SCALE: 1-4 Ships per player is ideal.


MAP: Any surface

CONTENTS: This includes a rules PDF, a Game Component PDF, and a formatted document to print stickers. The component PDF contains ship counters, maneuver templates, damage cards, Captain’s reference card, command cards, terrain, and 18 ship forms.

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