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Publisher: Solitary Division

Winner of the first place for the best game with innovative mechanics, 2nd place for the best game of the event, 2nd place for the best game in solo mode, and 2nd place for the best game in another language.

Game rules + full game. In English

(Reglas Completamente en español Las hojas de juego mantienen el idioma ingles, esto no afecta el juego)

B17 Twenty five Missions is a game in which we will live the experience inside a B17, and in which we will bomb various targets to overcome the goal of 25 missions to return home.

This is a Roll And Write mechanics game for one player with a minimum duration of 20 minutes.

To play it is recommended to have:
The bomber sheet, the objectives sheet and if you are playing in campaign mode the mission report sheet (It is recommended that the sheets be with a polypropylene protector)
An erasable marker.
Various D6 Dice


Complete 1 match without the bomber being shot down.
Complete all 25 missions (campaign)

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photography Daniel Niemi

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