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Publisher: Daniel’s Games Emporium

Armoured Storm: The Desert War is a quick-playing, simple-to-learn game of tank-versus-tank combat in World War Two. The rules are intended for battles between 15 and 30 tanks per side, plus 4 or 5 HQ tanks. This means, in game terms, that each player will command one or more companies of tanks organized into several platoons.

In Armoured Storm, you take the role of a commander first and a gunner/driver second. Your ability to give the right orders at the right time and bring your available firepower to bear more efficiently than your opponent, are more important at the level of command you’re representing. Out-thinking your opponent by being clear about your goals and through clever use of the Tactics Chart will bring you success.

Armoured Storm is in part inspired by the historical armoured battles of the Desert War – there are some excellent first-hand accounts of this – but also by the gung-ho action encountered in British and American comics.

‘You Command’ is a series of light wargames by Daniel Mersey. When you play a ‘You Command’ game, your goal is to defeat your opponent by out-thinking them tactically using the innovative Tactics Chart, and then by out-fighting their model army on the tabletop battlefield.

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