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Publisher: Eglinton Books

The author has been writing Colonial wargames rules for many years, and this is a collection of some of the more successful. Although in recent years the author has concentrated on designing games that are fought on hexed or squared grids, this book contains several sets that do not, including ‘Bundock and Bayonet’, ”Ere’s to you Fuzzy Wuzzy’, ‘Hordes of Dervishes’, ‘Heroes of Victoria’s Empire (HoVE)’, and ‘Restless Natives’. Some gridded rules are also included: ‘Colonial rules for Heroscape terrain’; ‘Redcoats & Dervishes’; and ‘SCWaRes: Simple Colonial Wargame Rules’. The book also contains several scenarios which although they may have been written for a specific set of rules, can easily be adapted to work with other rules.

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