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March for William and Mary across the battlefields of Europe under this flag!  It is based on several illustrations in two French books: “Le Triomphes de Louis XIV” and “Drapeaux et Guidons prise a Dixmude a M. de Montal”.  Both books illustrate flags captured at the siege of Dixmude in 1695.  One shows the blue saltire with thistles, and one shows the same flag without thistles.

It is unknown which unit carried these flags, or if they belonged to two separate units.  It is likely that they were carried either by Lord Lorne’ Regiment of Foot (formerly Argyll’s, in the service of England), or Regiment Graham (a part of the Scots-Dutch Brigade), as both units were Scottish and surrendered at Dixmude.

It is only fair, however, to point out that a 1696 book written by Edward d’Auvergne, chaplain to the Scots Guards, credits Lorne’s Regiment with saving their colours.  d’Auvergne may have been attempting to burnish the record of Lorne’s Regiment, or he may have had a soldier that told him this.  On balance, it seems most likely to credit these flags to Regiment Graham, but this is uncertain.

Flags are high-quality PNG images (including obverse, reverse, and complete flag) in a zip folder.

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