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Publisher: White Wolf

Call to Lineage

A V5 Supplement

Call to Lineage is a series of 36 Descendant-based loresheets for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Includes loresheets to include for PCs representing their connection to key figures within the World of Darkness.

Loresheets for the following characters are included in Call to Lineage:

Banu Haqim: Dastur Anosh; Jamal, the Martyr; Al-Ashrad
Brujah: Adana di Sforza; Christof Romuald
Caitiff: Albin; Joseph Pander; Alexi Darba
Gangrel: Odin; Magda; Jalan-Aajav
Hecata: The Sawney family
Lasombra: Aludian Thex; Ambrosio Luis Moncada; Malaii; Balthazar
Malkavian: Louhi; The Clever Prince
Minstry: Sobek; Nefertiti
Nosferatu: Androvikus; Baba Yaga
Ravnos: Hazimel; Durga Syn
Salubri: Adonai; Ahab, the Traitor; Ariel
Toreador: Melinda Galbraith; Mary the Black
Tremere: Meerlinda; Virstania
Tzimisce: Ilias; Dracula; Sascha Vykos
Ventrue: Dominique Touraine; Zheng Yi Sao

If there is sufficient demand, loresheets for other renowned vampires within the World of Darkness will be included in the future.

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