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Publisher: World of Farland

More Player Options from the World of Farland!

The World of Farland is an award-winning campaign setting for D&D 5e, and all our products on DTRPG are best-sellers. In Farland the Lords of Sin have conquered the lands, but the forces of good are rebelling, and you can help whichever side you choose. Join the fight! This rulebook from the World of Farland gives you more options as a player in the World of Farland… or just use it in your own campaign world, because it will work great like that as well.

The World of Farland Players Guide 2 is a 124-page manual to be used in a campaign set in the World of Farland or in your own setting using D&D 5e rules. It includes:  

New race options, including Dusk Elves, Aquatic Halflings, and Saved Trolls
Original new class options, like bards that know True Names, fighters that can win battles with just a stare, and rangers that can turn into werewolves
New backgrounds, like the Denizen of the Deeps, the Exile, and Raised by Monsters
Original customization options, like the Agile Combatant and Blood Magic feats
New spells, such as ice sculpture and memory spectacle
An expansion to our popular herbalism system, including new herbs and concoctions
An appendix giving elven grammar and a lexicon
Much more!

Plus, this book contains exclusive content that won’t ever be available on the website: including 4 new race options, 2 new class options for the monk and rogue, a new feat, and 2 new spells.

It also comes with two Player’s Maps that expand the world, and it is available in standard color hardcover, gorgeous premium color hardcover, and soft cover! The PDF has bookmarks, layers, live links, and the text has a full index.

This book goes great with the World of Farland Game Master’s HandbookThe World of Farland Campaign Setting, and our first Players Guide, all for D&D 5e. We also have other offerings available on DTRPG. We think you will love all our publications, but you don’t need them to use this book. You can add cool new player options to your D&D game with just this book. But with all of our core books, you will have all the info you need to create a highly detailed Farland Campaign that will entertain you and your players for countless hours!

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