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Publisher: Quinn Blackwell

There are places just off the edges of our maps that were never meant to be explored. Most travel right past them without a clue, and they live long and happy lives because of it. These stories aren’t about them though. The stories that we’re telling are about those unlucky enough to stumble upon these places. They may not know the mistakes that they’ve made just yet, but they will know very soon.

They won’t make it to the morning.

Lucky for them, the night is just beginning.

Welcome to the Lake

Wolves at the Lake is a horror world-building game where the Story Teller and the players work together to weave a tale of misfortune. The game is meant for one-shots and takes around 3-4 hours to finish. The recommended player count is anywhere from 3 to 6, not including the Story Teller. 

The game requires around 15 tokens that are:

Two sided (visibly different sides)

I sell STL files for tokens that I’ve 3D modeled for use with this game. They aren’t required to play and can are easily be substituted with coins or cards.

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