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Publisher: Seafoot Games

Wizard’s Experimental Sewer Laboratory

A multi-level city and sewer laboratory map, perfect for your players to dig down into and discover some nefarious plans. Includes a morally grey one-shot adventure exploring magical experiments on prisoners, and whether the greater good for the kingdom outweighs the horrors of deadly experiments. 

Download this battlemap and adventure for a fun session with your friends! The map comes ready for both ungridded VTTs and gridded home (or professional) printing—so you can use it effortlessly, no matter how you prefer to run your sessions. 🙂

The map pack contains:

A home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages. If you’re unsure, you can trial a free home-print battlemap here!
300dpi gridded map A1 .JPEG (pre-scaled for easy poster printing).
300dpi un-gridded map .JPEG for VTTs (super-high resolution and great for table TVs).
72dpi .JPEG of the un-gridded map for VTTs (low file size, fantastic for online VTTs).
An adventure .PDF, written just for this map!

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