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Publisher: Stusse Games

Without Limits – Skeletons Must Die

A Printable Dice 12 Dungeon Crawler TTRPG Adventure

Since the return of the Undead General, the magic dungeon is changing constantly, leaving no trace in this cursed palace. Currently, it is being conquered by undead. The Undead General and his hordes are after a highly prized strain of herb that you will also want to collect for yourself.

A Singleplayer Dungeon Crawler TTRPG by Stusse Games
Find your Way through a Dungeon by Rolling the Dice

Package Includes

1 PDF with Character Sheet and Ruleset. Foldable to a Playing Card, US Sized Text Paper also Printable on DinA4 Sized Paper.
1 PDF with Character Sheet and Ruleset. Foldable to a Tarot Card, DinA4 Sized Paper.
1 PDF with Rulebook and extra Character Sheets. A5 Foldable Flyer, DinA4 Sized Paper.

All PDF’s are Setup to work with DinA4 Paper and Printer. Check Print Instructions for detailed information. PDF’s are Doublesided Prints flipped on the Short Edge.

All PDF’s can be also Printed as Black & White wihout problems!

Before Printing in High Quality, make always a Test Print before.

Short Edge means the pages are flipped or bound along the short edge of the page


30 to 180 Minutes for a Full Session depending on your Speed and Luck
Sessions can be closed/paused and continued later.
The Game progress is fully Randomized, No Session will be like another.

Requirements to Play

Pencil with/and Ereaser
1 or 2, D10 (You can also use a Virtual Dice like our, Also Possible to Play with 2 D6.
An Skeletons Must Die Character Sheet as well as the Rule and Gameplay Sheet

We Wish everyone a great Adventure with this Game

Print Instructions:


Print Real Size on DinA4 Paper
Flip Paper on Short Side.


Print Real Size on US Letter Paper
Print as adjusted Size on DinA4 Paper
Flip Paper on Short Side


Print Real Size on DinA4 Paper
Flip Paper on Short Side


** This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

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