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Publisher: Crescent Web

Verdant Hills Summer Camp is an idyllic getaway for tweens and teens looking to reconnect with nature. It borders a picturesque lake and a deep, vibrant wood, and has all the amenities one could hope for. However, not all is right with this camp and something lurks in the shadows.

What Lurks Beyond the Cabin Door is a TTRPG system that uses a D20 (or 20 sided die) and betting tokens to determine the fate of the campers of Verdant Hills. It is intended for 3-7 players and one Game Master. The system comes with a pre-made setting and monsters, though it is flexible enough to accommodate homebrew of all sorts. It is short, sweet, and to the point, designed to give a unique game playing experience without exhaustive set-up, if that isn’t something your group is interested in.

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