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Publisher: Stradius

Voyage and Discovery (RPG Soundtrack)

Grand adventure often starts with a ship and crew setting out into the great unknown. This set of Voyage and Discovery soundtrack music pieces were intended to work equally well in a Sci-Fi OR Fantasy RPG game environment.

Heave youreself up to the command deck and get to work there may be pyrates out there to contend with!These tracks mesh well with the Warriors of The Marches Combat tracks but are much more urgent in nature. A great background soundtrack to give players the hint of salty-air or the vaccuum of the silence of deep space.

You can hear samplings of my music on my Publisher Link.


[01m 24s] EXP_01_The Voyage Begins
[01m 45s] EXP_02_Disembarkation
[01m 42s] EXP_03_Charting The Deep
[01m 30s] EXP_04_Grand Starfield Navigation
[02m 24s] EXP_05_Sail At High Tide
[01m 30s] EXP_06_Winds Aloft
[01m 20s] EXP_07_Worthwhile Endeavor
[01m 44s] EXP_08_Daily Routines On Deck
[01m 23s] EXP_09_Perseverance
[01m 31s] EXP_10_Sorting The Clues
[02m 31s] EXP_11_Silent Running
[01m 49s] EXP_12_Duty Stations
[01m 19s] EXP_13_Urgent Resolution
[01m 20s] EXP_14_Horizon Ahead
[00m 38s] EXP_15_Fanfare of Brass


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