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Herculean Awakening
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The Herculeans have Awakened! We are not sure when the change truly began, or to whom we owe the debt, but in Florence, Italy near the year of our Lord 1295, a man rose up and challenged the assumption of evil. He was of the Medici Family, and they spent the next 100 years defending (and financially backing) Herculean men and women in Florence. Virgil, as we knew him, fought for their right to exist (until his death in 1353).
They exist in our world, posing as simple men and women, working common jobs, never looking for trouble. But, when the time comes, and trouble seeks them out, they will stand! This is, after all, Florence! The years 1300 – 1600, the Renaissance!

This is the newest setting for 218 Games!, and the start of our 1d8-2.0 system. We have updated rules for streaml…

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There is an evil in this world, and by tonight we will all face it.  Either we will die, or live long enough to be Notorious!
NOTORIOUS brings a new system, and a new concept game to 218 Games! We are launching our Hybrid RPG set with this first installment.

We have taken the elements of board games and table top role playing games, to combine them into a unique quick start ready to go out of the box.

Notorious is set in 1940’s America, during the height of tension and War. The setting comes complete with:

Pre-Gen Characters so there is no creation lag time.
Printable Detailed map made for the Adventures (Scenarios) included.
Monstrous Creatures both unique and deadly.
Printable Paper Miniatures for use on the map.
And the complete rules system for use as:
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