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Publisher: Diego Castro

Stock art – Vampiric

archive with two documents.
PNG Image and Terms of Use

Terms of Use and License

The purchased illustration may be used an unlimited number of times for
personal or business purposes, provided it meets all of the following terms:

1. You do not own the exclusive rights to the image;
2. Illustration may be used on physical, digital or online products, but
may not be used solely or collectively for commercial purposes on print,
digital or online merchandising items such as, but not limited to T-shirts,
mugs, business cards, posters, bottons., adhesives, among others;
3. You may use the illustration in print, digital or online advertising
about the product in which it is used;
4.You may not use the image (or part of it) in logos and / or
5. The image cannot be used in a way that implies that the artist
supports a product, brand, service, idea and / or individual;
6. You can rotate and / or resize the image to best fit your project as
long as its original shape and aspect ratio do not change;
7. The artist’s signature must remain visible, discernible and in its
original sense; if necessary to remove it, the artist’s name (Diego Castro)
must be legible on the page on which it is used;
8. You may not change the colors of the illustration except for
grayscale or with express permission of the author;
9. You may not sell, repost, distribute or transfer the image and rights
granted by this license under any circumstances to any third party;
10. The artist’s name (Diego Castro) must appear on the product

The copyright is granted by the author to the image, limited to the terms of this
license. Not alienating or waiving its moral rights thereunder, pursuant
to Law No. 9610 of February 1998.
By purchasing the image, you agree to this license and all of its terms.

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