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Publisher: Atomic Ninja Studios

A band of weird Wasties has just escaped The Dig! But despite their newfound freedom the
Magical Waste is an unforgiving desert. Can a mysterious airship lead them to safety or will they be lost forever in the town of worms?

Written By Dustin Smith

Urbo De Vermo is the second adventure for the forthcoming Goblins & Gearshifts setting and the latest in the series of monthly One Shots from Atomic Ninja Studios. Each is SWADE compatible and contains everything you need for a quick and easy adventure, including pre-generated characters.

Goblins & Gearshifts is an upcoming comedic epic post-apocalyptic fantasy setting. It is a Nuked and Nutty mix of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the Mad Max movie franchise! 

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