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Publisher: Dungeon Remixer

Twisted Genomes: Wasteland Mutations provides over 400 new mutations for your Mutant Future game. Physical Mutations, Plant Mutations, and Mental Mutations are all organized inside with their own chapters. Complete with illustrations, notes, and simple guidelines for introducing these mutations to your campaign. This book is a perfect resource for Mutant Lords and players alike and is easily compatible with other post-apocalyptic roleplaying games, both classic and modern.

Written by Derek Holland, this resource was compiled after years of work, gaming, and experimentation in the wastelands of the Mutant Future. Tables are included for each category to help players randomly select new mutations and appendices are included to expand the range of options provided by these new powers.

Pollute the gene pool with an irradiated burst of hypercharged mutant mayhem! The post-apocalypse may never be the same again…

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