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Publisher: Snakewich

Trick or Treat Cantrip

Giving Treats

Want to add a little Halloween flair and fun to your campaign? 

Make the ‘Trick or Treat’ Cantrip available to your players. They can magically conjure up random treats to eat or share! All of these treats are tasty, but some give bonuses where others give awkward or dangerous tricks. Let your players figure out if their treat is really a trick. 

I included two pages here so you can choose how to share the cantrip with your players. 

If you only share the first page, the one without the treat table to your players; they can get the surprise of learning what each treat does. 

Getting Tricky

Don’t want the cantrip to be a permenant spell in your game?

No worries, there are a lot of ways you can introduce the cantrip that doesn’t interfere with general game play. 

Trick or Treat Town

During All Hallows Eve, the next town has an unsual tradition; this one night of the year allows an easy to learn cantrip to be performed within the  city limits. The citizens both old and young enjoy playing these tricks on each other with the spell, often dressing up as their favorite monster and going house to house testing their luck to score the best treats. But are those just little kids dressed as goblins and kobolds? Or are these small monstrous thieves trying to steal or swap out the treats they want? 

With this scenario your players could use the cantrip, but it is one night only!

Or leave the spell only in the hands of the NPCs, it’s up to you! 

The Royal Palace’s Masquerade ball

During this masked event who knows who the thief and who the assassin is during the fancy ball at the palace. Perhaps this cantrip is being used to smuggle in a poisoned apple? Or maybe the royal wizard who is having fun conjuring treats for guests, doesn’t know how dangerous the spell he was given really is? 

In this scenario only NPCs know and use the spell, still adding fun and mystery as  your players try to figure out what each treat does. 

Or flip it. Your players are trying to use the spell to assisnate a tyrant of a monarch, using the spell which only works because the wizard who gave  you the cantrip, is fueling the magic behind it, to make it work. 

Once again, the spell will only work at this castle/session. 

Sharing Your Tricks and Treats

Regardless of how you want to incorporate this cantrip, I hope you and your players have fun with it. They may not look at candy corn the same again! 

I’m curious as to how you decide to use ‘Trick or Treat’ and how you get creative with it.

Please feel free to leave a reply with how you used it and any fun anecdotes that arose with your players while using it! 

Happy Halloween!

And may you have many Tricks and Treats this season!

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