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Publisher: Dan Felder

The world is filled with monsters that tower over the hills; beings that some call gods… And they want to eat you for breakfast.

As a Hunter, you stand between the monsters and humanity. Each hunt you’ll gather clues about your foe’s weaknesses, then engage in a climactic battle against the colossal beast, a monster so big that its body becomes the terrain on which the Hunters climb. 

We made Trail of the Behemoth because we wanted a tabletop roleplaying game we could bring to a board game night. If you want to play a fast, action-packed game all about fighting epic monsters, you’re in the right place.

What’s Inside:

Titanic Boss Battles. The monster IS the battle map. Climb the colossus to attack its wings or disable its scorpion tail.
Fast, Simple Rules. Teach a group to play, make new characters, and run an entire adventure: all in under two hours.
Five Epic Adventures. Use them as one-shots, or play them in sequence for a short campaign. Each hunt is extensively tested with new players and veterans alike.
Monstrous Trophies. Slay a dragon to get a sword forged from its fangs, or armor wreathed in dragonscales.
Easy Monster Creation. Simple rules for building adventures (because making monsters should be fun, not work). Perfect for first-time GMs. 
Incredible Art. No seriously, it’s beautiful.

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