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Publisher: Lunch Break Heroes

This small supplement presents ten sentient magical items that you can drop into your Dungeons & Dragons game. Each item has its own unique personality, backstory, and goal. Will your party help the item get what it wants in exchange for its power? There’s only one way to find out!

Features the following items:

Alendril’s Bane – A warpick inhabited by a fae warrior
Brattigan’s Boots – Two loudmouthed boots with an eye for a big score
Brooch of Belzegard – A woman with rather poor taste in men
Enringer’s Bow – A hunter cursed to live, speechless, in his own bow
Eye of The Eldest – One of the many eyes from an elder being
Hand of the Undying – The creation of an ill-fated prophetic cult
Mail of the Maleficent – A devil’s in the details with this chainmail
Red’s Ruby Goggles – All Celia DeWinter wanted was to have better eyesight
Ring of Wakefulness – A warning to never fall asleep in front of your subjects
Tanau’s Head – A shrunken head with a massive chip on its shoulder
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