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Publisher: Dungeon Rogues

The Worm Roundup is an adventure created for 2-4 characters of level 4-5. This adventure is campaign setting neutral and can easily take place in any fantasy world. The total potential number of experience points to be awarded by this adventure are: 6200 XP

What’s going on?

‘Tis the purple worm time of year at Adamant Peak, a normally sleepy mountain town now invigorated by the roundup’s festivities. The annual tradition unleashes adventurers (with proper permits, of course) into the wastes where the purple worms hatch. There, they will recover the massive bodies and harvest the precious metals and gemstones from within.

Organized criminals, mercenary organizations, and too-rich-for-their-own-good hobbyists all vie for the available riches during the week-long window that hunting is legally permitted. It is a dangerous sport, not only from the worms but also from the competition, and fatalities are not uncommon. A large cairn of rocks sits at the southern edge of the town, each rock a memorial to someone lost or presumed dead during the festival’s window.

What’s included?

Maps. Three areas mapped and ready for your VTT of choice.
Grid, No Grid, and Notated options of all maps.

Monsters. Bandit, Bandit Captain, Giant Hyena, Gnoll, Hyena, Juvenile Purple Worm, Mature Purple Worm, Mimic, Stirge.

Adventure. Easy to follow Adventure that works as a one-shot or fits nicely into an ongoing campaign.

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