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Publisher: Synnibar

The Worldship Atlas I opens the door to the fantastic background and mystery that surrounds the World of Synnibarr3ed.

This manual contains… 

The denizens: their physiology, behavioral characteristics, habitat, physical descriptions, and much more for each species including a few recipes. 

The Gods and Great Spirits. 

The Darklords, Lordsguard, Manitou and Colosii. 

There are descriptions and information about the landmasses, inside and out. From the mysterious floating continent to the interior Ring of frost.  Each with details about the cities and information on local governments, exports and populations, as well as the religions, environments and adventure seeds.

Synnibarr languages, currency, transportation and the planetary economics intermixed with other information vital to the adventurer.

The Worldship, once more on its endless voyage through the stars, is filled with places and creatures of wonder, like no other.

This Atlas is your key to unlocking the treasure that is the World of Synnibarr3ed.

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