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Publisher: Agony Song Games

Near enough to the coast to see on a clear day, a bank of storm clouds, fog and mist obscure a small island. This small island is mostly marshlands with an off center, small mountain. At one time in the past, neither the island nor the storms that occlude it existed. Once upon a time, two god-serpents — their names now forgotten — swam through the oceans of the world and raised land where ever they saw fit; often, in a flurry of lust, entire archipelagos would be raised for the two to chase one another across. Just as easily, these island would fall, abandoned. None lasted forever. Eventually others roamed the seas, hungry with rumors of serpent scales and god gifts… Now one god-serpent lies dormant, a sleep of loss and loneliness. Depression. A single island remains and they cloud it — a private dream of a time fading into memory — in the eye of the storm. A shore those who are lost wash up on.

Your poor adventurers find themselves washed ashore, their ship broken in the storm raging around and through the island they are on. Lightning acts on its own and the water itself has an agenda…but there is a small comfort in the fishing and lumber village they find themselves abandoned in; do they want to stay? Don’t they want to go back?

There’s only one way past the storm; the villagers will gladly point them in the right direction, but whether the adventurers will have the courage to pursue it is another matter…

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