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Publisher: Palladium Books

The Rifter® Number Eighty-Five Annual

The Rifter®, your favorite player and G.M. portal to the Palladium Books Megaverse® is back as a once a year annual. And this one is packed with epic adventures, O.C.C.s, magic, settings, and source material. A little something for almost everyone.

Rifter® #85 Highlights:

Rifts®: Soul in Flames – a town, Skelebots, dinosaurs, and adventure.
Rifts®: Glitter Boy™ Revisited – new variant Glitter Boys, weapons, ammo, upgrades, and material to leave players and G.M.s drooling.
Rifts®: The State of Rapid City – setting and adventure ideas.
Phase World® – Naruni civil war and 8 adventure hooks.
Palladium Fantasy RPG® – 40 new magic items suitable for Fantasy, Rifts® and any setting with magic.
Palladium Fantasy RPG®: Relics of the Empire – surviving Elven cities and source material.
Palladium Fantasy RPG®: Colony of Gonarn – a sweeping new location and adventure.
Heroes Unlimited™ – 3 new Hardware O.C.C.s, Archaic Genius, Gadgeteer, Static Genius, and adventure.
Heroes Unlimited™ tribute by comic book artist Freddie E. Williams II.
Dead Reign® – Adventure and danger. Don’t trust anyone.
Dead Reign® – 25 Vehicle Encounter Tables including condition, loot, and adventure hooks. Adaptable to any post-apocalyptic setting.
Beyond the Supernatural™: Beyond Midnight – story, creature, and plot hooks that span nine different Palladium RPG settings!
Nightbane®: The Redeemer – a compelling new O.C.C.
Short stories, news, coming attractions, product descriptions & more.
224 pages of epic source material across the Palladium Megaverse®.
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