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Publisher: WTF Studio

“Ebét of the Hundred Gates, Mistress of the River of Life, City of the Living God, fallen to the hordes of Iks the Ninth, Ruler of the River of Death from Across the Poison Sea. Woe is become our fate!”

—scrawled on the Lime Wall of the Temple of the Everliving Cat.


The slow horizon has eaten the living god. The millennial city falls. Gore runs in the archaic streets. Bones break beneath the stud wheels of the conquerors.

“Reason!” they yell as they sack the towns of the megalopolis. Ash falls like snow and the great organs of war low in exultation.

The accountant divisions grind their mechanical calculators and the furnaces sing as they recycle the treasures of Ebét to pay the butcher bankers.

The agents of the alien Memorium stir. In this chaos, there is a sliver of time to save the treasures of this fresh-fallen culture.


This rpg zine is a quarter-crawler sandbox of part of a vast city being despoiled by an invading army. The players take the role of agents of an alien godlike entity, the Memorium, preserving the treasures and records of fallen cultures from oblivion.


Rules-loose. Written for seacat (UVG). Compatible with most OSR and other d20 rpgs.
34 pages of content.
1 new hero archetype: the memorialist.
new skills and traits.
2 regions with 12 quarters to explore.
2 new spells (Archaic Dons the Skin of Man, The Flesh Withers and the Face is Forgotten).
3 new creatures (Shackleminds, Maintainers, Clockwork Archaics).
4 delve maps (The Naga King, The Minotaur Queen, The Wareruins, The Abandolem Memorial).
a few pieces of art ;).

Enjoy! There’s a few more zines coming for this city-setting!


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