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Publisher: Bwilder Games

In this D&D for kids styled game, 

Centuries ago, the dragonborn paladin Correa was said to have denounced her divine spirit, breaking her oath and turning to evil. Filled with evil, hatred and greed, she traveled all across the realm attacking the innocent, pillaging monasteries, and stockpiling her gold somewhere deep within the Shaky Earth Mountains among the heat and the flame of the calderas and volcanos. You’ve been given a half charred map, a brass key and sent on a quest to find the lost treasure.

Print at home game, or scroll using a device

Little prep time before you’re ready to play the game

Cut out foldable paper Mini’s

Make sure to download the Treatise of Adventure to learn how to play and the Treatise of Creation to make your own characters.

Aimed at ages 6-12

We’re always interested in feedback, good or bad,

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