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Publisher: Abol Tabol

What is this adventure?

This is a short adventure that can be played in a session. The Goblins’ Gambit is perfect for situations where the party suddenly decides to go completely off the rails and the gamemaster does not have anything prepared for the destination. It is designed to be simple and the gamemaster is empowered to read and run it quickly.

A 3rd level party is ideal for this adventure, but it can be easily tuned up to 5th level or down to 1st level by adding or removing a few simple enemies.

How to use this adventure?

This adventure can be used in three different ways – 

The starting adventure – This is a great adventure to start a new campaign with. A good option to use for a brand new group of players
A random encounter – This is perfect for use for a random encounter along the road
A retrieval mission – This adventure can also be used as a low level mission from a patron 

What is included?

The adventure pdf
DM’s map of two different locations
Two high resolution (8192×6144) maps for an abandoned hunting lodge and a roadside encounter (grid and gridless), which can be printed out as a tabletop map to play on.
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