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Publisher: Larcenous Designs, LLC

Strange and Terrible Tales!

Sooner or later, you’re going to need more story! And sometimes those stories were exclusive to Kickstarter backers, until later Kickstarter backers achieved a stretch goal to release them to the wild! Note: this deck is still being brought up to production standards, as it was originally an Easter-egg style secret deck and not fully updated. VTT cards and other file changes to the PDFs may occur shortly.

The GameMaster’s Apprentice: Weird Horror is a system-neutral deck of cards that can be used as either a supplement for traditional tabletop RPGs or as a complete game engine for GM-free solo or group RPGs. 

On each card is a set of fourteen individual randomizers, though not quite as you’d be used to from the other GMA decks; with 60 double-sided cards, you can generate literally millions of possible adventures, all without having to hunt through a book or PDF for a single table!

With these cards, you can:

Instantly generate NPCs with randomized names, motivations, and backgrounds.

Create random events or story seeds.

Provide sensory details or random loot for characters searching or stealing.

Run games without a human GameMaster!

And more–they even work brilliantly as creative writing prompt generators, and have been playtested by 9th-12th grade students of both English and Game Design.

If you want specifics, including examples of how to use the randomizers on the cards, the complete instructions are available in the downloadable PDF preview linked below the cover image/thumbnail, but you can take a look at the overview below to see the quick and dirty version of what is on each card, and you can view a video preview from the original Kickstarter that explains how to use the cards (from the original, genre-neutral deck) to run a GM-free game or generate a story for a traditional RPG. This video is the second in a series, so if you want to see the first (which details initial generation of the story), check out our website,! 

These cards were created with the support of over 360 individuals on Kickstarter, and would not exist in their current form otherwise! Thank you!

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