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Publisher: Enigmatic Events Collective Inc.

‘The Epic Kingdom’ is a simple “Chamber” Live Action Role Playing game for 25-50 participants designed to be run over a half day, or three seperate 60-90 minute sessions.  Set in a fictional, generic fantasy world, the game deals with the politics and hierarchy of the Royal Court shortly after returning from a bloody, but victorious campaign against an Evil power.

Players will be placed into a group (Cabal) and from there create their own motivations, goals and back stories in the pre-game session.  The game session is 3 short acts, representing three days at court where the characters try to achieve their goals, help friends and thwart rivals.  The final review session ties the stories together and lets players see what other stories were told, reflect on the process and LARPs overall.

This game was designed and developed in conjunction with the University of Victoria as part of their Theatre Studies course,  It is intended to give players an outline LARPing, explore performance theories and create fun and interesting character-based stories.  It could be run as part of a Convention; a one-off LARP or part of a larger course.

Download contains rule book, character sheets, example characters, last-minute player characters, name tags and Cabal group sheets with background ideas.  You will need a deck of cards to run the preparation for this LARP.

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