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Publisher: Jeremiah Leppert

You look like you can hold your own. Say, you want to make some coin? Some evil winged… thing… keeps carrying off our stock. A slick leathery tongue, tusks like a boar, the guards say it has fiery eyes. But a well placed arrow… You in?
– Boyce Chutebrace, mayor of Oxdale

Something is plaguing the farmland around the village of Oxdale, out in the middle of nowhere. The beast visits regularly and carries off an animal, disappearing into the hill country north of the village. Word is that it is also buzzing around the new goblin camp to the northwest. It wasn’t too big of a deal until it tried to carry off a village youngling; now the mayor and the citizens want it dealt with immediately.

(Spoiler – the beast was sent by a gentleman vampire who doesn’t like hunting for himself. Find him in his cave or encounter him once he ventures to the village to find out what happened to his machine, should it go missing.)

The Draining Caverns of the Winged Beast is a one-shot 5e adventure for a party of four 5th or 6th level characters.

This adventure can be slotted into most 5e adventures (maybe with some reflavoring if it’s a frozen setting), or stand alone as its own adventure.

This adventure includes:

The adventure PDF, with several combat encounters, and opportunities for exploration and roleplaying encounters
Four maps – one region, one village, and two battlemaps, both in the adventure and as separate JPEGs
Random encounter table for trekking through the hill country
One magic dagger held by the vampire.

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