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Publisher: Free League Publishing

Something quite strange has happened: people have seen one of the player characters going about in Uppsala, doing all manner of provocative things. The trouble is, the investigator doesn’t remember doing any of it! So begins a game of cat and mouse between the party and a creature that is imitating one of them. But savvy investigators will learn that this is no doppelganger, out merely to imitate. No, this creature is playing a strange game of its own devising.

“The Double” is an ambivalent Mystery where the players will have to confront the people they might have been – or perhaps may yet become. Although it centers on one character, they will need their investigator friends to crack this Mystery open and confront the strange thing at the labyrinth’s center. This Mystery has a bit of combat, a bit of investigation, and a bit of soul-searching. It presents a brand-new Vaesen of our own invention, rooted in Scandinavian folklore.

Who are we? Melpomene Games is an independent games studio run by a group of friends who love RPGs, and love to share the inventive madness that we create! We have one previous Vaesen publication, called “The Gold Within” ( We also make games for other Free League products like MÖRK BORG ( 

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