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Publisher: Aymber Prefabs

For those, less than desirable, locations, the dirty inn pack contains 30 unique items to easily put together a pirate/bandit or simply dirty inn.

Containing bars, cookers, tables, storage and bedroom furniture, everything you need for the tavern or inn.

About AymberPrefabs:

I make digital prefabs for roll-playing games that can be used on virtual table tops such as foundry VTT and roll20. These token packs are for use with virtual table top programs such as Roll20 and Foundry VTT, they are not a stand-alone game or to be used for other purposes. 

I love using maps in my D&D campaigns and find by making a map, additional flavour and stories can create themselves, therefore a map should be anything but dull.

Adding the little details to a map can really bring a scene to life, though this can take a lot of time, which may be difficult to justify if the adventures are not going to be spending more than a short time in that location. Therefore I aim to assist those that want these details but do not have the time to put them into their maps.

So welcome to my prefabs. Packs contain themed sets of 20-40 unique items. Additional free colour versions and varieties are available to higher patron ties, allowing for more quick variation to maps.

My prefabs are created using Photoshop, Illustrator and Dungeondraft to combine and tweak assets originally created by Forgotten Adventures Original assets used in these prefabs are available from them directly.

Generally, tokens will be in png format. However for maps and larger tile sets, they may also be provided in WEBP format. The size will also usually be a standard 200 dpi, however this may be changed and will be included in the item file name if required.

Access my full collection of prefab assets and maps by supporting me on Patreon 

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