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Publisher: Chaosium

A 1920s Call of Cthulhu Scenario

Content Warnings: Body horror, claustrophobia, human sacrifice, and spiders.

“I fear not the dark itself, but what may lurk within it…”

The Dark Web takes plays in the 1920s in Australia. The investigators start out in the remote outback town of Stuart (now known as Alice Spring) where they are tasked to find out why miners have gone missing in an unnaturally rich mine deep within the desert.

Their investigation soon takes a turn for the worst when they find themselves trapped deep within the underground mine, in the dark, stalked by unseen monsters, and crawling through tight tunnels…

Inside: 15 pages of dark, claustrophobic, action-oriented adventure (24 pages total), pre-generated investigators and a print-friendly copy of the scenario.

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