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Publisher: Minish Cartography

Welcome to the Broken Lands, a region with a long history and deeply marked by a great calamity. This map pack contains a collection of seven city maps and a region map for this location, as well as world-building notes and story ideas for adventures in this region. The lands are divided between a human continent in the west and an elven continent in the east with a dwarven hold also present at the edge of the human lands.

The region is designed so a DM can take it and make it their own. Your party can explore the main roads and country lanes. They can adventure through the ancient elven lands and discover the dark secrets of this region’s past. What will your players discover when they enter this region for the first time and encounter its many mysteries?

This pack can also be used in conjunction with the Heron Bay Map Pack. This map pack presents the largest human city in the Broken Lands region, Heron Bay, over three full-colour A3 maps.

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