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Publisher: Broadhead

This is a single page PDF that is simply the dice table for miscasting spells in The Book of Lengsnacht. 

This is designed to be used as a standalone reference, but could be easily converted to any tabletop or pen and paper RPG. Use it as you will! 

The Book of Lengsnacht is a fantasy setting.

• • •


The year is 786, 2nd Pass. The world is one century removed from the unexplained supernatural cataclysm of Lengsnacht.

Lengsnacht, the Great Sorrow, destroyed a large region of the old world and split it in two. Most of the land struck by it rose up into the sky and became an archipelago of floating islands, some as big as kingdoms. This new Sky Country is a place of wonders, airships and adventurers.

The rest was left to languish in the ruined Nacht Sea, where the dark magics of released by the event despoil and corrupt the land and sea, and the horrid creatures unleashed by the disaster stake dark claims to power.

In the Eastern Homelands, the old realms have adjusted to the Nacht Sea’s presence. They have resumed trade and relations with the Sky Country, though they also have resumed competition; over prestige, over supremacy and over who will expand into the lands of the west.

The north is not so lucky. The Lantern Kingdoms’ shores are increasingly besieged by the horrors of the Nacht Sea as it spreads ever so gradually to their borders. The Orders of Lantern Knights wage endless war here.

In the south, the sun has been red in the sky every day since Lengsnacht. It rises red, travels red, and it sets red. In these Red Sun Lands, the fervor of the Urxite religion is stoked and rising. It is unclear what this waxing zealotry will produce. But church and state both are restless.

The vast, wild lands of the Grand Frontier in the west might become a target for crusade. The native realms were once distant. Now they face both explorer kingdoms on the coast and brutal invasion from the interior.

In fourteen years, the Soaring Moon will return for its Third Pass, and a new age will begin. The pass of this distant moon is always as a time of change. Who knows what lies ahead.

• • •

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