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Publisher: Stormcat Publications

Welcome to our Autumn 2022 issue, wherein we’ve got s stack of great stuff for you once again!  We speak to Haakon Gaarder (designer of the Villagers, Streets, and now MOON boardgames) and Ellie Dix (designer of lots of things, usually in unusual formats) about the design and development of games in general, as well as carrying the diary of Lee Miller from Molinarius Games, who talks about being both ethical and responsible when it comes to the production of new games and protecting the planet…

We also have another fanboy piece, this time about the crazy -and GREEN- world of Friedemann Friese games, as well as a bunch of other articles, features, and game and RPG-related stuff. Throw on a shed-load of boardfgame reviews, and you;ve got yourself a great barbecue of whoelsome goodness to chew over.

We’re continuing to use hyperlinks, too (usually in PINK) to make navigation as easy and hassle-free as possible, enabling you to jump straight to every feature and review in the magazine, and directly to the sites and resources our writers are talking about — note that clicking on the footers and side margins on every page will return you back to the Contents page!

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