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Publisher: Jozef Frajkor

Summer Camp Mystery is a family investigation focused RPG inspired by Scooby Doo, The Three Investigators, Gravity Falls, and other mystery shows and books for kids.

The players create their characters (known as the Kids) and together spend a week in a summer camp. They go for treks, swim on the lake… and solve a Mystery of the Monster!

The system is narrative-based, using a simplified Ironsworn system, which makes it easy to learn even for children. It also makes it possible to play the game without a GM – although this would be recommended only for more experienced players. Summer Camp Mystery utilizes the knowledge players already have from watching shows (we all know that the Monster is actually one of the adults in disguise!), so there is no need for lengthy explanations.

Grab a few friends, and set on gathering clues, wild speculation, and the final showdown with the Mystery Monster!

Made as a submission for Pocket Quest 2022.

Note: It is recommended that at least one player is familiar with playing TTRPGs, so they can guide less experienced players, especially if they are children. The format of Pocket Quest prevents us from listing extensive examples of gameplay, but this game tries to make it up by using knowledge the players already have from TV shows and books

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