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Publisher: Cris Chong

This is a fillable Streamer Sheet for Stream at Susmmer Camp

You need the full game to use it:

You have received an invitation to Gerak’s Susmmer Camp!

You are a streamer, and you’ve waited for this opportunity! Gerak’s Susmmer Camp is the place where everything can happen, and the event that everybody is watching. You know that at Susmmer Camp, the opportunities to raise your subscriber base are numerous! Even better, the idea of getting a huge wave of new subscribers is so exciting to you. 

Now you can show to the world the potential that you have as a rising streamer! 

What is ‘Stream at Susmmer Camp’?

Stream at Susmmer Camp is a narrative game where each player will interpret a streamer. Whether you are playing as a gaming streamer, travel influencer, v-tuber, asmr content creator, or other, you have one goal in mind: to get the most subscribers from this event.

Stream at Susmmer Camp is a GM-less game with some elements of drawing, since everyone will contribute to draw the map of several locations around Susmmer Camp, while building stories around those locations.

This game requires from the players a good dose of creativity, improvisation and humour!


This is my first published ttrpg and my submission for DriveThruRPG’s Pocket Quest Jam! Feel free to look at the preview (it is the complete version of the pdf). If you like it, or if you have enjoyed playing my game, please consider supporting me by buying a copy 😉

Thank you! 😀

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