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Publisher: Twitchy Butcher Studios LLC

High fantasy meets entomology in Stingers & Spores, a romp across the mysterious and perilous lands of the Insect Kingdoms. Experience this new and exciting world from the compound eyes of the bugs who live there. 

Ascend to staggering heights on the trunks of tremendous trees, marching to the songs of cricket bards. Witness the decay and ethereal beauty of the sacred fungal groves, while moth clerics make offerings to their powerful deities. Study the arcane art of silkspinning, in the beautiful but isolated flower fields, under the guidance of butterfly wizards. 

Contemplate the higher mysteries and study the War Path in the hives of honey bee monks. Cross blades with beetle knights who have studied combat since grubhood, on the floating tourney grounds of the lotus pads. Fight for survival in the towering weeds against enraged swarms of hornet barbarians. And deep in the blackest tunnels beneath the Earth, encounter tiny and terrible gods who should have remained buried.

Powered by the Savage Worlds rule system, this 178 page setting introduces you to the perilous lands of the Insect Kingdoms, a high fantasy world populated by insect heroes and villains. Everything you need to play a long campaign in the world of bugs is here, complete with:

Full color custom artwork

14 Insect Species Archetypes that can be played exactly as written, or modified into a limitless number of insect types, from the scurrying roach and ferocious hornet, to the ravenous mantis and spindly stick bug 

13 weird and silly new Hindrances for insect characters

Six new Arcane Backgrounds, to give bug characters a dose of magical power

An expanded list of power modifiers, to give each form of magic its own unique kicks and limitations

Eight New Combat and Racial Edges

New Size rules that allow players to make balanced characters of any insect, from the tiniest gnats to the biggest Goliath Beetles

Expansive lists of gear, weapons, and armor

Setting rules for flight, and optional setting rules to make the setting goofier or darker

A comprehensive adventure generator

Rules for two forms of forbidden evil magic, perfect for the GMs cadre of villains

50 stat blocks for non-player characters, from knights and buzzerkers to wizards and flowerjacks

51 horrible creatures in the bestiary, from familiar terrors like tarantula and scorpions, to the mysterious and forgotten horrors known as “vertebrates” 

A detailed character sheet containing all the information a player needs to remember, plus an optional third page for Arcane Background information

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