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Publisher: Jon Brazer Enterprises

Have the Perfect Map for Your Space Fight!

Nebulae of all color hide dangers unknown. What hides in this green nebula with a planet nearby? Is there a giant space worm? Maybe an asteroid that eats ships? More importantly, what treasures await explorers when they land on the planet? Give your space battles life on your virtual tabletop and inspire awesomeness in your games. Star Battles: Green Nebula World Space Battle Map is the perfect backdrop to make your battles among the stars epic.

What You Get
You get a single map measuring 4000 x 2462 pixels in JPG format. This beautiful map is perfect for any roleplaying game including SpelljammerStarfinder, Traveller, Stars Without Numbers, and many, many others. The image can be added to any virtual tabletop including Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Map Tool, d20Pro, and more.

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