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Publisher: Micro RPG

Welcome to Milrose Manor, a spooky yet cute little haunted house where YOU as a ghost live . . . and haunt. Unfortunately, on every Full Moon, strangers invade your home—disturbing your peace. It is up to YOU to scare them off once and for all!

Spoopy Friends is a tabletop roleplaying game that utilizes a simplified version of the popular Micro RPG rules. The system uses dice, graph paper, and game tables to generate a random roleplaying experience for a single player controlling 1 to 4 ghosts. 

It can also be played cooperatively or used as a simple roleplaying system for a traditional Game Master to run a game for a table of up to four adventurers. At its heart, Micro RPG is a dungeon crawler, but in the mind of the player, it is a full spooky adventure story waiting to unfold!

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