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Publisher: Laurin-David Weggen

They are not ‘heroes’ – not in the same sense that you, Crawler, are a hero. They may be found in any town, village or nomad tribe, willing to delve alongside you into the Shadowdark – all for the right price…

Soulblight is a third-party setting compatible with The Arcane Library‘s Shadowdark RPG: A sword-and-sorcery style world set in the deserts, jungles and mountainous heights of the kingdom of Lothorian. 

Blades, Guts And Glory is the second supplement for the Soulblight setting – introducing the henchmen, those brave, covetous or simply desperate lot who follow behind our torch-bearing heroes into the depths of the dark, dark earth – all to earn a simple, honest pay. 

This supplement contains:

Henchmen Rules! Straightforward mechanics to running henchmen in Shadowdark RPG! 
Henchmen Types! 14 Henchman classes spread across 3 categories: Combat, Support and Utility!
Loyalty and Consequences! Henchmen are no mere meatshields – and their treatment can gain your heroes a loyal retainer or a bitter enemy…
Build-your-own-henchman kit! All done through rolling on glorious tables for true chaos or, if you distrust fate and chance like an orderly individual, by picking their traits, virtues and flaws yourself!
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