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Publisher: Ken Wickham

This 30-page issue is for Creativity for RPG Gamemasters.

So, this issue is entirely focused on creativity, the creative process, creative blocks, fostering creativity, modes of creativity, sources of creativity, and creative techniques.

Why focus on creativity?

The answer depends on the type of game that a player is playing.

For play-as-written games where published adventures is the only source, those sources might be sufficient.

However, for character-focused games, where character explorating in an open-world is important, and where stepping outside premade adventures is encouraged, then creativity is important.

This is a guide book that is meant to aid a Gamemaster (GM) or solo game player in making creative content.

It’s meant to help trigger creative and inspirational ideas. Its generic enough for any genre.

What does this cover?

What is creativity?
Creative elements
10 Step creative process
7 Creative blocks and how to unblock them
10 Ways to foster creativity
4 Modes of creativity and a method to express creativity in any mode in as little as 5-minutes.
18 techniques of creativity (5 types)
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