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Publisher: Powercell Games

A FREE 100+ page programmed fantasy adventure!

The Three Wizards

The Mercenary Guild has made the Smokewater an unofficial base for decades. Its contracts are standard fare, but safe. Most of the stories of any heroics out of the Smokewater are of felling the occasional beast that dares to step out line onto one of the well-travelled merchant roads.

That is…until two bloodied men from the Temple of the Celestial Shield burst through the door with talks of a wizardly assault.

The Shifting Spotlight

Sorcerers at Smokewater is an ENSEMBLE adventure. An adventure that focuses on numerous characters weaving in and out of the story’s spotlight.

Made with newer players and groups in mind, the adventure allows them to focus on having fun learning without fretting if their one, solitary character stays in play or not.

By the time the adventure is complete, all players will have numerous characters under their belt. Also, gamemasters will enjoy the EPILOUGE section which teases loose ends that the players have come across during play for possible future adventures.

A Maze of Possibilities

The reason Sorcerers at Smokewater has so many plot words and pages is not so much that the adventure is large, but that the paths are plentiful. Many key moments in the adventure are changed with much of what transpires beforehand in measures both big and small.

Who the players encounter, their choices and actions, and fate itself sets the machine in motion to end the adventure with an entirely new outcome. This allow GM’s to get used to the adventure for ease of replaying, yet keeps them on their toes creatively and eyes wide with anticipation of the possibilities of what happens next.

Made for The Fantasy Trip RPG, but easily convertible for Dungeons and Dragons or any other RPG ruleset.

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