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Publisher: Chaosium

Somewhere in Glorantha is a collection of random location tables bringing together the places described in current RuneQuest and Glorantha publications. Arranged as easy-to-use multilevel lists, these random tables have everything you need to cross-reference a specific location in Glorantha, determine where an adventurer or non-player character comes from, choose a random location for a new campaign, or answer any question that has an unknown Gloranthan location for an answer.

Somewhere in Glorantha includes:

173 pages of random location tables covering places all over Glorantha, including both Genertela and Pamaltela, as well as trade routes, oceans, islands, and mysteries.
Complete references for each location, indicating page numbers for descriptions, maps, and principal entries (whenever locations have multiple references).
Instructions for how to use the tables.
An organized list to browse the places within specific regions (titled Somewhere in this Book).
A complete index for looking up specific placenames.

Somewhere in Glorantha is system agnostic—it can used for any Gloranthan game system.

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