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Publisher: Cosmality Universe

SciFantaPunk is a mixture of high-fantasy, science-fiction, and horror. It is set in a vast universe known as the Cosmality. The games in this setting take place very far in the future when humans have left the old Earth, traveled the stars for generations, and found new planets to inhabit. The two most prominent planets are New Earth and Taldor. These are where most games take place, New Earth being the primary. New Earth is a futuristic dystopian culture. Corporations control the mega-cities and the land in between is still full of dangerous creatures, plants, geography, and more. Taldor, on the other hand, has banned technology allowing magick to thrive. As such more magick and fantastical creatures exist on Taldor. This makes it perfect for medieval fantasy campaigns. There are even planets for horror, paradise, and other themed adventures.

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