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Publisher: Víctor J. Merino

This 120 card deck comes with a plethora of human contacts usable with any sci-fi game like Mothership, Traveller, Death Among the Stars, Night Tripper, Lancer RPG,  Aliens, Infinity, Mechwarrior or whatever your favourite setting or game is!

Curated to have a diverse cast of portraits of different age, constitution, ethnic background, hairstyles, attitudes and levels of accessorizing! And also androids?

This deck of cards contains all the humanoid characters in Sci-Fi Character Portraits PHASE 2 (Coming SOON to DriveThru!) in their screentone versions with a computer terminal frame. The back of each card is the same terminal with signal noise, so you can flip back and ford each card to mark a dead/unavailable/lost/incoming!

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