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Publisher: JeansenVaars

Were you ever playing a scene in your Solo game, and suddenly you wished you had a GM that told you what happened just next? Right after your characters took actions, you asked some questions, you wanted to look at the GM’s face and see what he came back with.

The Scene Unfolding Machine (SUM) is a GM Emulator that helps you come up with content during your scenes. Ask the virtual GM their next actions and reaction, after our characters took their actions. Resolve how NPCs behave, react, and tell. Figure out what happens next when getting stuck by asking open questions.

Ask the emulated GM what do they do or say next
Ask the emulated GM how does an NPC behave and what do they say next
Ask open questions with three 1d100 tables of Action, Adjective and Subject

SUM is a GM emulator that expands my current solo system Plot Unfolding Machine to complement it.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

PLAY WITH: Plot Unfolding Machine

RECOMMENDED with: Mythic GME Tools on Foundry or Play by the Writing for playing as you write with the keyboard on PC.

What will you find inside?

One page with GM and NPC actions
One page with a d100 subject prompts table
One page with a d100 action prompts table
One page with a d100 adjective prompts table

Join me and let me know how this works for you 🙂

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