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Publisher: D10 Dimensions

Russian Name Generator creates a vast variety of common (and uncommon) Russian names! This set of seven lists has 100 male given names, 100 female given names, 50 unisex names, and 100 family names. This one page generator gives you up 25,000 possible combinations of Russian names (10,000 male names, 10,000 female names, and 5000 unisex names) if you pair a first and surname together. (If you decide to add middle names, know that the convention is that they are determined by taking their father’s name and adding the ending –ovich/-evich (for boys) or –ovna/-evna (for girls). Example: Vladimir Igorovich Elin and Irina Igorovna Elin are the son and daughter of Igor Elin.)

Whether planning adventures, or working on the fly during a game session when the players surprise you, this generator allows quick creation of thousands of Russian names. This product is system agnostic and works in any world where Russian people live.

This Roll Percentile list has 350 possible results in this format:

Roll result: Russian first name (male, female, or unisex) or surname (depending on the column selected).

Example 351: Russian Surname: Smirnov

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